Alleged sex crime victim says she was also assaulted at her apartment


HORSESHOE BAY — Arrest documents have unveiled more details about an alleged rape investigation including allegations a sexual assault suspect appeared at the 20-year-old woman’s apartment after an initial encounter in a boat on Lake LBJ.

Horseshoe Bay Police Department investigators have charged two men with sexual assault after the woman reported she was possibly drugged and forced into non-consensual sex on a boat while on Lake LBJ, according to the police report.

Investigators say the incidents happened Labor Day, Sept. 7, sometime around dusk on the waterway and Sept. 8 at the alleged victim’s apartment.

On Sept. 30, police arrested Roman Parouchev, 43, of Horseshoe Bay/Kingsland and Artem Geydonas, 26, of Marble Falls and charged them with sexual assault.


The woman told police she was on a boat with two people anchored at a sand bar near Lighthouse Drive when the incident unfolded, according to an affidavit for an arrest warrant signed by Llano County Pct. 1 Justice of the Peace Bebe Piatt.

“(She told investigators she) drank three beers while at the sand bar,” the document stated. “(A)fter a short time, another boat arrived, occupied by ‘Roman’ and ‘Art,’ whom she identified from Texas Department of Public Safety driver license photographs. (She) stated that she asked for a ride on the boat.”

The document stated the woman opened another beer and drank it on the boat, but then she was given a second beer by the two men.

“(S)he didn’t remember much after that, but remembered getting in and out of the lake and drifting on the lake after the boat ran out of gas, and she believed that she kept losing consciousness,” the affidavit stated.

She recalled being on the deck of the boat and both men “laying on top of her,” and she recalled she “did not have her swimsuit trunks” when she left the boat.

After being given a ride home by Parochev, she told police she went to sleep in her roommate’s bed and “awoke during the night with Roman Parouchev lying next to her,” when she believes she was sexually assaulted again, the document described.

On Sept. 8, she was given a sexual assault examination and tested for drugs in her system; the outcome of the toxicology is pending.

The alleged victim reported the incident to Horseshoe Bay police Sept. 21.

She said she delayed reporting the incident out of fear “they would come after her,” the document stated.

A hospital nurse told investigators the examination results were consistent with sexual assault, according to the affidavit.

Geydonas was released from the Burnet County Jail on Oct. 1 on a $25,000 surety bond.

Parouchev was released from the Llano County Jail on Oct. 1 on a $40,000 surety bond.

5 thoughts on “Alleged sex crime victim says she was also assaulted at her apartment

  1. I’m sure woman are not throwing themselves at these not so attractive guys. So they have to go around drugging poor unsuspecting girls. WATCH YOUR DRINKS GIRLS

  2. If she in fact was drugged, how is it possible that she was able to give the alleged perpetrator directions to her “home”? She must not have felt in too much danger to have him DRIVE her home if she was in fact assaulted. There are too many unreasonable thoughts in mind that leave a person asking many questions.

    1. Victim blaming like most of you is far too common. Her story makes sense or they would not have been charged. Many women do not report their rapes because they feel no one will believe them and they are right. This could have been your sister or daughter.

  3. Аppeal to the police! Stop blaming people for what they didn’t do! You do not even have a license for this job! Journalists, are you dreamers? by what right do you give flimsy stories? Why is the case still not closed and there is no charge ??? disgusting behavior of the authorities themselves !! Who are you to judge? Who do you think you are?

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