Two men accused of sexual assault on boat on Lake LBJ



HORSESHOE BAY — Horseshoe Bay authorities have charged two men with sexual assault after a 20-year-old woman reported she was possibly drugged and forced into non-consensual sex on a boat while on Lake LBJ, according to the report.

Investigators say the incident happened Sept. 7 sometime around dusk in an unknown area of the waterway.

“She was on another boat with some people that she knew who knew the two suspects, and then (they) introduced her to them,” Horseshoe Bay Police Chief Rocky Wardlow said. “She got onto the boat on her own accord, but during the boat trip is when the assault occurred.”

Part of the lake is in Burnet County and part is in Llano County; however, the woman was unable to provide a location, and the suspects invoked their right to an attorney and would not provide details.

“She was uncertain exactly where she was on the lake. She couldn’t remember a whole lot about the exact incident,” Wardlow said. “We suspect there may have been some narcotic slipped in her drink.”

The alleged victim reported the incident to Horseshoe Bay police Sept. 21.

“We obtained several items of evidence, including evidence collected during a sexual assault examination,” he said. “Within 24 hours (of the incident), she had gone to the hospital.

“The investigators interviewed the nurse that did the examination,” Wardlow added. “It was consistent with what she had seen in sexual assaults.”

Arrested were Roman Parouchev, 43, of Horseshoe Bay/Kingsland and Artem Geydonus, 26, of Marble Falls.

Geydonus was booked into the Burnet County Jail on Sept. 30. He was released Oct. 1 on a $25,000 surety bond.

Parouchev was booked into the Llano County Jail on Sept. 30. He was released Oct. 1 on a $40,000 surety bond.

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