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Marble Falls beats John Jay 15-9 with defensive effort

Marble Falls Juan Rodriguez

Marble Falls High School junior defensive back Juan Rodriguez celebrates after recovering a fumble in the 15-9 win against San Antonio Jay on Sept. 4. Photo by Diana Cox


MARBLE FALLS — When it had to have a touchdown, the Marble Falls High School football team scored it.

Trailing San Antonio John Jay 9-7 with nine minutes and 27 seconds left in the game, Mustangs junior quarterback Cade Cool engineered the game-winning drive that covered 84 yards in 12 plays and was highlighted by a 10-yard pass to junior running back Dalton Mayberry for a touchdown in a 15-9 win.

“We knew we were ready to go,” Mayberry said. “We were doing it for each other.”

Head coach Matt Green said it was difficult to express the importance of earning the win.

“Words can’t put it in perspective,” he said. “It’s tough (to describe). You get some confidence.”

Marble Falls Juan Rodriguez
Marble Falls High School junior defensive back Juan Rodriguez (5) celebrates after recovering a fumble in the 15-9 win against San Antonio Jay on Sept. 4.

The game was a defensive struggle, though it didn’t start out that way.

Marble Falls struck first, taking its opening drive 53 yards in nine plays for a touchdown when junior running back Sam Harkins ran for the score from five yards out for a 7-0 lead.

That stood until 11 minutes and 52 seconds left in the half. That’s when Jay senior quarterback Moses Reynolds, a Division I prospect as an athlete, found senior receiver Michael Urrieta for a 10-yard touchdown. The drive covered 72 yards in seven plays to knot the score at 7-7.

Both defenses came up with huge stops. The first was by Jay when it forced a fumble on third-and-goal and recovered the loose ball with 6:36 remaining in the half.

The other was by Marble Falls when it held on fourth-and-goal from its one-yard line after the drive started on the Jay four-yard line.

Green said officials spotted the ball one the one-inch line as the Mustangs offense took over.

And on the next play, the Jay defense sacked the Marble Falls quarterback in the end zone for a safety and a 9-7 lead with 1:33 left in the half, which it remained at halftime.

In all, the Marble Falls defense recovered two Jay fumbles to go with the turnover on downs. A third Jay fumble was recovered by the Marble Falls kickoff team early in the first quarter. Jay had 11 total possessions in the contest, and Marble Falls forced six punts.

Marble Falls junior linebacker Robert Atkinson said coaches give the defensive players goals each day that boil down to two words.

“Perfect effort,” he said. “We come out, we get lined up and get everybody in the right spot. No one is quitting on each other.”

And that’s what fans saw from the defense against Jay, he added.

Cool finished the contest by completing 12 passes for 150 yards and a touchdown and had nine rushes for 66 yards, while Mayberry had 10 receptions for 68 yards and a touchdown and five carries for 11 yards.

Marble Falls travels to Boerne High on Sept. 11 with a 7:30 p.m. kickoff at Boerne Independent School District Stadium, 1 Greyhound Lane in Boerne. Listen to the game on KBEY 103.9 FM Radio Picayune or at

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29 thoughts on “Marble Falls beats John Jay 15-9 with defensive effort

  1. The person who reported this article is very professional and always goes out of her way to do what is best for the kids of Marble Falls. She reported the football game. Stop being angry at someone who does so much for this community. I am quite sure she knew a separate article about the incident would follow her article.

  2. Still no update. How is this reporting? Were you told to not update this? Can you update it? Do you know how to edit a story that’s already been run? How about this. Open up DreamWeaver on your desktop and EDIT THIS STORY!!!!

  3. That ref is way north of 40 years old. He could have landed in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. He should not have gotten up after the hit forseveral reasons. One, he could have a dislocated vertebrae and a spinal contusion. That his was hard enough it could have ruptured his spleen.
    I would have stayed on the ground and waited for an ambulance. Had my wife call our lawyer the next day. The school would be renamed Buster Lhode High!

  4. Just boys being boys I didn’t see anything wrong other than a ref not get out of the way of the players trying to make a tackle. DB1 is following the play when he runs into the ref, and DB2 trips into the ref who is already on the ground from not getting out of the scrum. A lot of misunderstanding surrounding this from people who have never played the game. Grow up people. Football is a rough sport, well at least in Texas it is. I think the Ref needs some remedial training and should stay at the youth level until his skill set is polished more. Those football players could have been seriously injured.

    1. You must be the proud parent of one of those 2 bullies that assaulted the ref!

  5. Parents and players should be held responsible! Unfortunately so should coach !! Players banned and kicked out of school, as well as any charges if at all possible .

  6. It’s outrageous that the author of this article has not included any details about the assault that took place on the referee by two Jay players. It’s incomplete, disingenuous journalism that disregards all the myriad folks who are looking for information on why those two players violently attacked a defenceless referee. This incomplete article paints a rosy picture of the game for everyone involved except the ref who isn’t even mentioned.

  7. String ’em up! That’s how Texans handle law and order in their state. These kids are thugs!

    Texas football. Bigger than life. Nothing will happen to these kids. They’ll be held as heroes by locals.

  8. I was hoping this included nothing on the assault. This is a good example of how crazy you people are about children playing football. Lol@texas.

  9. Reprehensible. At least post an update to this story. Assaulting someone from behind is cowardice at the least.

  10. Saw the video. The 2 players should be charged with felony assault on a sports official, as well as kicked out of high school sports & suspended from school. Hoodlums.

  11. Ha ha. Looks like Jennifer left at halftime. Bet it’s killing you to know you missed the biggest note-worthy news event of the entire game eh?


      1. Saying “Black Lives Matter” does not mean that the person saying it is automatically implying that Black lives are the ONLY lives that matter.

        1. I think I will start my #whitelivesmatter. Or maybe #latinolivesmatter. Or should we continue to pigeon hole a race into one group and fight saying we are not treated equally. The entire premise of #blacklivesmatter is to segregate by asking for special attention which leads to more confrontation. Also has nothing to do with the entire news article above. Just another slogan of hate hidden in messages of equal treatment.

  12. It’s odd that there isn’t any mention of the assault on the official. Heck, I live in Europe and I know more about it than is being reported by thie supposed “reporter”.

  13. No mention of the 2 ejected players that assaulted the official in your article????

  14. I hope you are not a real reporter, cause of you are you are awful. Way to leave an onfield felony out of your article.

    1. Its a sports report. The reporter kept it about sport. Those two idiots clearly aren’t sportsmen. Thus, no mention. Hope that clears things up. Thanks.

  15. Perhaps you forgot or didn’t see the criminal assault on the official by two players from John Jay. They deliberately targeted the man and should be arrested. But, this being Texas, I’m sure we’ll see them on the field next week.

  16. Two players from john jay intentionally assaulted a referee and no mention in the story? This is about to explode nationally and nothing from the local paper.

  17. How about the literal assault on the ref? 2 cheap shots in the back? That how you play football in Texas?

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