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Meals on Wheels seeks help to serve Kingsland and Buchanan Dam

Lake Area Meals on Wheels serves Kingsland

Vickie Monfelt (left) and Fern Crumb have served as site managers for the Kingsland Meals on Wheels in the past while Nita Burton (right) is the current site manager. Alan Brendefur (not pictured) also held the role. The Kingsland Meals on Wheels provides 50-60 meals a day for area senior citizens. The organization is always looking for donations and volunteers. Call (325) 388-4608 for more information. Courtesy photo

KINGSLAND — For many senior citizens in the Kingsland area, the Lake Area Meals on Wheels program offers them a hot, healthy meal during the week. But after 24 years, the program is always looking to help more.

In 1991, residents Pat Bernard, Alan Brendefur and Dick and Dee Smith formed the Lake Area Meals on Wheels. At first, they served about 15 clients in the Kingsland and Sunrise Beach areas before branching out to Buchanan Dam in 2002.

Now, the organization averages 50-60 meals a day, both delivered and served at two sites: Windwood Community Center (five days a week) and the Kingsland Senior Center (Tuesdays and Wednesdays).

Site manager Nita Burton said the goal of the program is to assist older individuals in leading independent, meaningful and dignified lives in their own homes as long as possible. And while the suggested donation is $3 for participants 60 and older, meals are never denied if a person is unable to contribute.

That’s where the Lake Area Meals on Wheels needs the public’s help. Though many people have volunteered over the years, more are always needed as well as financial contributions.

Anyone interested in helping should call Burton at (325) 388-4608.

Meals are delivered to eligible participants’ homes five days a week. The Lake Area Meals on Wheels operates out of the Windwood Community Center, 100 Windwood Drive in Kingsland.

Before delivering meals to a resident, Meals on Wheels staff complete a client intake process to determine an individual’s eligibility.

1 thought on “Meals on Wheels seeks help to serve Kingsland and Buchanan Dam

  1. My parents are 85 years old and live in Kingsland. My mother uses a walker and has a hard time standing up to cook meals. My father has early dementia. What do I need to do to see if they are eligible for Meals on Wheels? I am willing to donate money to pay for their meals. I live in New Braunfels, so it is not feasible for me to prepare daily meals for them. Thank you.

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