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GRANITE SHOALS — Even though the event is still almost a year away, the Granite Shoals City Council and city administrators have begun talking about festivities to celebrate the city’s Golden Anniversary.

Staff and council members talked during a special meeting July 21 about forming a committee of residents to plan the 50th anniversary celebration, which will be in May 2016.

City Manager Ken Nickel said he hopes to have a committee that represents the diversity of the city, including work experience, nationalities and skills.

“We’re going to look for citizens of Granite Shoals who would love to work on the committee,” he said. “Anyone is invited to be on the committee. I think the citizens should be the drivers behind the 50th celebration.”

He has plenty of ideas that revolve around what citizens are already doing such as having cook-offs for barbecue, Mexican food and other cuisine; letting people who play instruments or are skilled dancers can entertain their neighbors; and providing burgers and hot dogs to attendees.

He attended a similar event while on vacation in Colorado earlier this month that included a parade and food vendors raising money for church summer camps and mission trips.

The city manager envisions outdoor activities such as horseshoe and washer contests, a volleyball tournament and even water balloon fights.

He also wants to have an area that highlights the city’s proud history with photos and stories of yesteryear and plans to include the town’s churches and Highland Lakes Elementary School students.

Nickel wants to spend money activities that allow residents to strengthen friendships and create new ones, so he would rather not have fireworks.

“I’m not looking to spend a lot of money,” he said. “I’m trying to keep it fairly reasonable and allow people to enjoy each other.”

The city manager has plenty of ideas and is open to others. Now, he hopes to have citizens who want to participate on the committee to host a tremendous celebration.

“We’re not the richest community around,” he said, “but I think we’re rich in caring for each other.”

Email Nickel at for more information.

3 thoughts on “Granite Shoals wants citizen input on 50th anniversary celebration

  1. I’ve only lived in Granite Shoals for two years, but when I saw the population sign, then saw how LITTLE infrastructure and commercial business is actually present, I thought…..something is REALLY wrong here.

  2. Mr. Nickel has not been around long enough, and does not live nor have family ties in Granite Shoals to know much about the long History of corruption and malfeasance that has given Granite Shoals the reputation and perceptions it still endures throughout Burnet and the surrounding counties. He also seems to ignore the history of Granite Shoals as was reported on a 20/20 News program several years ago and in several courts actions.

    He talks about wanting citizen input while the wishes and wants of the citizens noted in the 2010 Comprehensive Plan have been largely ignored since that “plan” was written. One only need to read the sections as to Parks and the “Town Center” and compare to actions since 2010 to understand the farce. He also has a blind eye toward the fact that less than 8% of the registered voters of Granite Shoals voted in the last elections due to their real concerns that their vote does not matter anymore and very few trust his “City Hall” nor his leadership.

    The History of Granite Shoals over the last 50 years includes a plethora of factional governing in-fighting and funds spending issues that still resonate with distrust in large segments of the citizenry as was witnessed in the failure of the Sewer Bonds attempt just a short time ago. Most of which has been personally experienced and witnessed by Ms. Kenyon the previous commenter, and so many others not commenting but whom are reading this without doubt. These things along with a well-known (outside of “City Hall”) anti-youth and families attitude that has prevented youth and family activities and programs for many years despite the 18 city parks, belies the above stated “wish list” of the City Manager as he has done little to change that attitude during his term in office. A sad fact that should also be noted is that the items, ideas, suggestions, etc. that he has espoused in this article have been developed, recommended, suggested, and encouraged by others over the last two or more years, are not his own, and have been ignored or rejected by his own Parks Committee and Council. Then again, with no “skin” in the game of family nor residence, such things can be expected while he allows the children & youth not related to him, to still play basketball in the streets because they cannot in the parks.

    Having made the above statement, I sincerely wish him luck as to real and substantive citizen involvement. I also would be very glad to actually witness a “citizens” directed event. However, if the real History continues, whatever event is created will most likely come from a small group of the same people and their hand selected heirs, that have been around for many years for their own self aggrandizement and benefit in some manner. Most decisions have been made for those same many years without improving the real quality of life in Granite Shoals for the Youth, Families, Seniors which include many retirees with fixed incomes. The 50 year History of Granite Shoals may show that such small groups will continue to make those decisions with or without the citizens involved or approval. “City Hall” simply does not understand nor care that the less than 8% that voted for them is not a mandate for anything. It is a clear sign of the citizen’s no longer believing their voice matters. So good luck Mr. Nickel. I do hope you review the 50 year History of Granite Shoals by someone else than Marionette providers.

  3. What “proud” history? I’ve owned my home here for 30 years and lived here for 22 years and I chuckled when I read that comment. I do think a priority should be an historical marker at the liquor store on 1431 since the prime reason for incorporation was to have a vote to sell, serve,and buy liquor without having to go to “the County line”. The folks who drew the lines for incorporation included those they were sure would vote “yea” and left out those they thought would vote “nay”. The city limits were very convoluted even into the mid 90’s. GS had a liquor store years before Marble Falls voted to sell booze. We should be proud of that for as the TV show says, booze made America! I do hope the city will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the history. What a joke. To the victors go the spoils and the history and I’m sure the victors don’t want the real history to be told because it is not a pretty one.

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