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Driver’s license offices to move out of Burnet, Marble Falls annexes

burnet county driver's license

The Texas Department of Public Safety driver’s license offices are looking for new homes in Marble Falls and Burnet after Burnet County officials announced a need for the space. Staff photo by Connie Swinney


MARBLE FALLS — The need for space is behind a request by Burnet County officials that driver’s license offices in the courthouse annexes in Burnet and Marble Falls find new homes.

Burnet County has provided the rent-free spaces for several years to the offices, which are under the umbrella of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

“Over the years, as we’ve grown, we have a need for that space,” Burnet County Judge James Oakley said. “We need that space for our core functions.”

Oakley invited the state to assess the current locations for their driver’s license divisions in both cities.

“They had not done a site visit, and once they saw where they were, they said, ‘Yes, we need some more space, and we need this configured in a different way.’ It is mutually beneficial,” he said.

“Even they weren’t pleased with the locations available for their use,” he added. “They’re starting the process of identifying some locations that the state will procure or lease for that purpose outside the county facility.”

Once the move is made, the newly opened space will help the county expand its services.

“In the Marble Falls annex, we would use that room for what it was originally designed for: early voting and all elections as well as a multi-purpose room,” he said. “Right now, whenever we have elections, we utilize the justice of the peace courtroom and that leaves the JP with no courtroom, and that’s just been a problem over the most recent few years.”

The transition could take time, but there is no word yet on when it will occur.

“We’ve been happy to provide space to them over the years. We’re just at a junction that space is at a premium, and we need it,” Oakley said.

The county also provides office space for highway patrol officers, the law enforcement division of the DPS, in county-owned property on the square adjacent to the Burnet County Courthouse in Burnet. There was no request to relocate the troopers.

2 thoughts on “Driver’s license offices to move out of Burnet, Marble Falls annexes

  1. They were polite and helpful with me and i came for a difficult reason.

  2. Let’s hope they improve their public relations as well. I was there with my 80 year old mother for an ID card and the wait was long and the woman who attended us was extremely short-tempered and rude throughout the process. I swore I would never go back to that office.

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