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BURNET —  From forgotten bank accounts to mineral royalties, Burnet County residents have left millions of dollars in cash and property on the table, and the Texas State Comptroller’s Office will be in town to help them claim their lost loot.

“This is the first outreach the county has held,” said Burnet County Treasurer Karrie Crownover. “Typically, it’s estimated that one out of four Texans has unclaimed property.

“The average claim is more than $1,000,” she added.

Representatives from the Office of the Texas Comptroller will be in Burnet from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. June 30 at the Burnet County Courthouse, 220 S. Pierce St., as part of the state’s “Claim It, Texas” campaign.

Officials say Burnet County residents are entitled to $2.6 million in cash and property.

“It could be from insurance claims that were never cashed. Paychecks that were misplaced. It can stem from abandoned property — anything lost or misplaced,” said Crownover, whose office will be assisting the state.

The comptroller’s office reports as much as $4 billion in uncollected property across the state.

Mark Stevens of Marble Falls recently collected missing cash and used it to buy his first pair of cowboy boots and take a “mini-vacation.”

“I went to the Texas Comptroller’s website. I filled out the forms online, and within two weeks, I had a check in the mailbox — a little over $500,” he said. “It was an old unemployment claim that had more money on it than I thought.”

To claim cash or property at the upcoming event in Burnet, individual citizens need photo identification.

Business owners must bring a business card and a TIN (tax identification number) or EIN (employer identification number).

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