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MARBLE FALLS —  As the community prepares to honor the life and lay to rest longtime Baptist preacher Brother Max Copeland on May 29, law enforcement unveiled traffic routes and anticipated delays in and around the city.

Copeland served as pastor of First Baptist Church in Marble Falls for 42 years and pastor emeritus for 16.


A service begins at 2 p.m. at First Baptist Church, 501 12th St.

“What our citizens need to know, both those interested in attending and those who are interested in driving the streets of Marble Falls that day, is that we expect this to be a heavily attended service,” Marble Falls Police Sgt. Tom Dillard said.

The service is planned to run about one hour with a procession to Lakeland Hills Cemetery immediately following.

“Between about 3:15 and as long as an hour, we could see some pretty good traffic disruptions in Marble Falls,” he added.

Marble Falls High School, just off RR 1431, is located just east of the church.

“Because it’s Friday, because it’s the last (weekday) of school and because of the time in the afternoon, the echoes of these traffic disruptions, they could last quite awhile,” he said. “I would urge folks who don’t have to be on the road to just be patient and let this traffic-flow issue relieve itself.”

The procession route will go south on Avenue E from the front door of the church; west to RR 1431 several blocks to U.S. 281; north on 281 travelling several miles to Park Road 4; west on Park Road 4 to Lakeland Hills Memorial Park, which is located at 4219 Park Road 4.

“Everybody needs to be patient, get in line and follow the procession out on Avenue E,” Dillard said. “We’re going to take all the steps we can to try to cause as little disruption to traffic flow as possible.”

As the community mourns, so will the civil servants directing the procession, Dillard added.

“Everybody here at the police department is saddened by the loss of Brother Max. He was a rock-solid, reliable guy,” Dillard added. “Brother Max was a fixture in this community for some 50 years. He’ll be missed.”