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MARBLE FALLS — A new league is forming, and not only does it provide 10 weeks of competition, but it more than likely will strike fear into the hearts of dove and quail across the state.

The Copperhead Creek Shooting Club, 7080 RR 1431 East, is beginning a spring clays league on March 15.

The league combines trap and skeet and features an awards dinner after the final week of competition.

League coordinator Bob Williamson said this is the club’s first attempt at such a league.

“People shouldn’t be worried about not being an expert,” Williamson said. “A lot of people concentrate on one of the two sports; this does both.”

Shooters will be on five-person teams and shoot 25 skeet and 25 trap targets each week. Individual shooters looking to join a team will be assigned to one.

For those unfamiliar with skeet and trap shooting, both involve shooting clay pigeons. In trap, a shooter stands behind a trap house and shoots the clay as it is flung outward at a random angle. In skeet, the shooter stands at eight positions around a half-circle and shoots clay pigeons flung at set angles from two trap houses.

Williamson said the spring is a good time for the league because it avoids the heat of summer and competing with the fall hunting seasons. And over the course of 10 weeks, Williamson understands that some might have to miss a week.

“We’ll have the opportunity for people to come in during regular public hours and make up their score,” he said.

The league will have a bye week April 19. The final week of competition will be May 24. Entries must be submitted by March 12. The fee of $175 a person covers the 10 weeks of shooting and the awards dinner.

For more information or to register, call Williamson at (217) 725-4934 or search Facebook for Copperhead Creek Shooting Club.