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MARBLE FALLS — The Marble Falls Parks and Recreation Department is examining how to best use an acre of donated land to benefit The Greens soccer fields at Avenue K.

The Marble Falls Housing Authority made the donation, said Parks and Recreation Director Robert Moss.

“The city has picked up some additional property at the corner of Sixth (Street) and (Avenue) K,” he said. “We have the additional area that’s being used as a parking area.”

While the planning is still in the beginning stages, Moss said the donated land is about an acre. At this time, there are no plans to remove the large oak trees.

He envisions working closely with the Granite Country Youth Soccer Association to determine the best way to use the land to create more soccer fields.

“I’d like to start right at the first of year,” Moss said. “We need to put grass seed out so it can grow through the summer to play in the fall.”

Staff members also added lights to the basketball court at Westside Park.

“We see kids out there playing using lights from the parking lot,” Moss said. “We also have quite a few adults playing pickup games.”

Projected cost is $10,000. City parks close from midnight to 6 a.m. each night.