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GRANITE SHOALS — Construction on two full-size tennis courts can begin next week thanks to a $64,000 matching grant from the Roddick Youth Tennis Foundation to the city of Granite Shoals.

Officials with the foundation presented the check to the city council during its meeting Sept. 23.

The courts are part of the Roddick Tennis Center in the city.

Former Granite Shoals Mayor Frank Reilly, who is volunteering with the project, said the city’s portion is from a matching grant from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Two QuickStart Tennis courts, which are smaller than full-size ones are already being used at the Quarry Parks, which is the site of the tennis center.

Total projected cost of the new courts is $138,200. H.D. Irvin of H.D. Irvin Steel Erectors “donated his expertise and metal for the covered part of the building,” Reilly said.

That included roof repairs, skylights, strengthening the structure and panel work, the former mayor said. Irvine estimated his contribution’s value at $12,800.

“I know he probably exceeded that,” Reilly said.

Officials estimate the courts will take no more than 90 days to complete, he said.

“The kids are ready to play on the full-size courts,” he said. “The older ones have outgrown the QuickStart courts.”

In addition to the Roddick Tennis Center, the community also will have the Leonel Manzano Hike Trails, a wildflower garden and an interpretive area that gives the history of the city and the Quarry Park, Reilly said.

“The city is looking to build for the future,” he said. “And one of the things the city has always needed was a recreational facility for everybody. We have a number of pocket parks along the lake. We’ve needed room for ball fields or walking, and recreational facilities will help property values and make it a more desirable place to live.”

2 thoughts on “Construction on courts to start at Granite Shoals tennis center

  1. A minor correction.. There will be 2 courts built with the current funds with only a commitment for 2 more next year. There is no more commitment at this time and any future activity and/or funding is also currently unknown. No other is committed to happen by the “new” “Outreach” org. taking over the lease, despite it being a newly created “subsidiary” of the Roddick Tennis Foundation..

  2. It is a start as was promised a couple of years ago, but only for 2 courts with no time-line or mention of funding for any more than those 2 new ones. There is also a name change and lease agreement change of the courts to another non-profit group associated with The Roddick Foundation, that was not mentioned.

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