Marble Falls couple’s 60-year anniversary takes the cake, finally

Aubry and Peggy Mobley finally get a wedding cake despite being married for 60 years. The couple celebrated their anniversary July 3 at Darci's Deli in Marble Falls. When they first tied the knot, the couple eloped, so they didn't get a wedding cake. Family and friends took care of that this time, however. Staff photo by Jennifer Fierro


MARBLE FALLS — As friends and family of Aubry and Peggy Mobley gathered July 3 at Darci’s Deli in Marble Falls, the couple of 60 years finally got to enjoy the piece of a cake they had been waiting on for the past six decades.

And it was their wedding cake.

When the Mobleys tied the knot 60 years ago, they didn’t have a wedding cake. They didn’t have much of a wedding at all because they eloped. Even that didn’t go as well as they probably hoped, since the West Texas couple had to drive well into New Mexico before they found a preacher available to marry them.

Now, 60 years later, the Mobleys’ love still burns and grows.

“I didn’t envision being around for 60 years,” Aubry Mobley said with a grin. “I think with the grace of God, we made it work.”

Peggy chalked it up to the love the couple began sharing during, first, their year-long courtship and, then, the 60 years since.

“It’s worked for 60 years. You love somebody, that comes with it,” she said. “That’s what we had was love. I wish everybody could have that kind of marriage — beginning, middle and end.”