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MARBLE FALLS — Does your child show an interest in puppets or creating his or her own bear? Or do you just want to introduce them to the world of arts, but don’t know where to start?

Well, Harmony School of Creative Arts has put together a summer full of arts camps and learning opportunities from dance intensive to basic painting and drawing. There’s even a tumble camp.

“It gives people a chance to try something they might be interested in without requiring a long-term investment,” said Barbara Bend, Harmony’s executive director.

The school, 1503 Mormon Mill Road, is offering a list of camps and programs from June 8 through Aug. 9. The camps run for several days at a time, so you can sign up for one or several.

Bend said many of the camps are open to anyone: those with skills and those looking to just try their hand at something.

For kids interested in checking out the arts, Harmony is offering Elementary Arts Adventure (ages 6-11), The M.A.D.D. (Music, Art, Dance and Drama), Three-Day Scramble (ages 10-14), Exploring Fine Arts (ages 3-6) and Worship Arts Ministry Camp (ages 6-12).

Other camps are more specialized.

One of the most popular programs in the past are those focused on cooking. So Harmony has returned with the Culinary Arts camp called Just Desserts! And it’s just what it sounds like: a camp focused on making things such as ice cream, peanut butter balls, dessert pizza and so much more.

“Usually, at the end of the camp, they get to sample the items,” Bend said. In other words, they probably don’t need volunteer tasters.

The school has several craft and visual arts classes as well as dance and movement programs.

While many of the programs are open to beginners, a few are reserved for those with some level of experience. Those, Bend said, are typically the dance and piano intensives.

But there are several music camps from which to choose. Robert Linder, an orchestra conductor and music producer, is conducting Rhythms and Music Theory for Adults and Teens.

“It’s just a great time for kids (and even adults) to dig deeper or try something new,” Bend said.

Go to for a complete list of camps, dates, times and fees.