Habitat for Humanity needs helping hands to build home for Marble Falls family


MARBLE FALLS — Habitat for Humanity has a slab on the ground for a new home at 302 Ave. M in Marble Falls.

Now, the organization is asking for volunteers to help build the home for a family.

Greg Mills, the president of the Highland Lakes Habitat for Humanity, said volunteers don’t have to have a specific skill set to work on the home. They’ll hire professionals to handle the plumbing, HVAC and electrical.

“What we need are people with a willing heart,” he said. “People who can carry lumber, carry water to people or drive a nail. We don’t need any particular skill set to do this part.”

The first work day is May 31 starting at 9 a.m. Lunch will be served by St. Fredericks Baptist Church. The work schedule is each Wednesday and Saturday, he said, and the family that will own the home will be there to do the work, too. Mills calls it sweat equity.

And if people can only donate an hour or two of labor, that’s OK, the president said.

“We’ll take whatever you’re willing,” he said.

By using volunteers, Habitat is able to keep homes interest-free for families, who still pay a mortgage over time.

“We’re able to build the house less than market value,” he said. “They pay for the structure.”

For those who believe they can’t offer anything, Mills said that’s not true.

“We can teach you some new skills,” he said. “We’ve got all levels. And if you can’t come out on the 31st, come out in the future.”

The aim is to have enough volunteers to form crews. Eventually, those crew members will become crew leaders, Mills said, in charge of crews of about six people each.

This home is the first of three that will sit side by side, Mills said. The goal is to start and finish the other two in the fall.

“Our goal is to build three houses this year,” he said.

The one part of a home for a family that can’t be measured is the looks on the faces of the owners when they move in.

“When you know they’re getting into a home that’s safe and energy efficient, a place to grow up and live, I don’t know how you describe it,” he said.