Reckless driver in Meadowlakes gives a scare to trick-or-treaters on Halloween




MEADOWLAKES — A reckless driver gave Meadowlakes trick-or-treaters a bit of a scare Halloween, but a local constable put an end to the woman’s ride thanks to being in the right spot at the right time.

And it wasn’t the first time a member of the woman’s family had tried to outrun law enforcement officers.

Burnet County Precinct 4 Constable Chris Jett was parked in the Hidden Falls Golf Club parking lot on Meadowlakes Drive about 8 p.m. Oct. 31 when he heard a vehicle’s horn blaring. He looked back toward the Meadowlakes front gate and saw an sport-utility vehicle racing down Meadowlakes Drive with a truck following it.

“The SUV was moving at a high rate of speed,” Jett said. “It hit that speed bump right there by the country club and almost lost control.”

The speed and alleged recklessness was enough to raise Jett’s concern, but, at 8 p.m, it also was the peak time for kids to be out trick-or-treating in the community. As the SUV continued racing down Meadowlakes Drive, the driver honking the horn, people jumped out of the road and onto the grass, the constable said.

“Meadowlakes doesn’t have sidewalks, so people were walking along the road and crossing the street,” Jett said. “On the video, you can clearly see people getting on the grass as she’s coming through.”

Jett said the driver continued down Meadowlakes Drive, even with him catching up to her near Columbine Drive in his patrol vehicle with his overhead lights on.

“She was going around cars and crossing the double-yellow line,” Jett said. “If there was traffic in front of her, she’d just go around it.

Despite the constable’s vehicle behind her, the woman allegedly raced on until pulling over near San Saba Drive.

“She just kept honking at people on the street,” Jett said.

As he approached the driver’s side of the vehicle, Jett was wondering if the person was racing home for some emergency of which he wasn’t aware. But that wasn’t the case, Jett said.

As he was talking with the woman, the pickup truck Jett noticed previously trailing the SUV pulled up. The driver informed Jett the SUV clipped the pickup at the Meadowlakes gate.

Jett arrested the woman, identified as Ellen H. Doffing, 68, of Meadowlakes, for reckless driving, evading arrest/detention with a vehicle and an accident involving damage to a vehicle of more than $200.

She was booked into the Burnet County Jail but was released Nov. 1 after posting a surety bond.

“It was a very dangerous situation,” Jett said. “We’re lucky nobody got hurt.”

Doffing’s husband, Gerald Doffing, pleaded guilty in January 2012 for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and evading arrest with a vehicle. He accepted 10 years in prison for the drug charge and 18 months for the evading arrest charge.

In February 2011, Gerald Doffing led Burnet County and Marble Falls law enforcement officers on a 100-mph chase that started on Texas 71 near Spicewood and took them down several county roads before ending on U.S. 281 near Max Starcke Dam Road.

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