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For help with Social Security disability law, look no further than the Kirkpatrick Law Firm in Marble Falls. Crawford Kirkpatrick has more than 20 years of experience dealing with all types of cases, including catastrophic injury, workers’ compensation for those injured on the job and death.

Before settling into Marble Falls, Kirkpatrick was a prosecutor in the Marine Corp, handling more than 80 cases. Later hired at a prestigious law firm in Houston, he spent a year and a half there before opening his own practice in Marble Falls.

You can be sure to expect a modern approach to the practice, with well-organized and prompt service. Rather than talking to a paralegal, you will be in direct contact with the attorney. The Kirkpatrick Law Firm also has a global office online, making contact possible for those unable to travel to the office.

Keeping clients happy with success

Kirkpatrick has another major client perk that puts it ahead of other Social Security law offices. The office is approved for access to Social Security files other firms are not.

What do clients like best about Kirkpatrick Law Firm? They feel their needs are a priority. They have access to the attorney by phone or in person. In a relaxed atmosphere, it’s easy to talk to anyone at the firm. There also is helpful assistance with filling out the necessary paper work required to file a Social Security case.

The firm also can claim an extremely high success rate with its cases, something clients and their doctors appreciate. Kirkpatrick goes into battle armed with well-informed medical opinions about a client’s disabilities, the records required to prove a case and the confident attitude needed to move a case along to a successful completion.

Kirkpatrick Law Firm is located at 319 U.S. 281 North in Marble Falls. Call (830) 798-1353 or fax (830) 798-1354.