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Faith Academy coach holding Mom’s Football Clinic to answer questions about ‘sacred game’


MARBLE FALLS — They say football is a religion in Texas. That’s why Faith Academy of Marble Falls head football coach Russ Roberts sounds like he’s talking about church.

“Come with your questions, and we’re going to try to take an irreverent look at a sacred game,” Roberts said.

For the second year in a row, Roberts is conducting a Mom’s Football Clinic to explain all the secrets of high school football for women (and perhaps a few men) who want to better understand the sport.

“Anybody that wants to figure out the secrets to high school football, we’re gonna share them all,” Roberts said.

From the men in striped shirts making funny arm motions to the guy in pads and a helmet running around with the football, taped ankles, Xs and Os and man coverage, Roberts said he’ll explain it all.

The clinic, 7 p.m. Aug. 6 on the Faith Academy campus, is Roberts’ attempt to answer the moms’ questions about football their husbands or sons might not explain.[box]IF YOU GO
WHAT: Mom’s Football Clinic
WHEN: 7 p.m. Aug. 6
WHERE: Activity center at Faith Academy of Marble Falls, 3151 RR 1431 East in Marble Falls
COST: $15
FOR MORE: Call Faith Academy head football coach Russ Roberts at (830) 798-1333. Faith Academy coach holding Mom’s Football Clinic to answer questions about ‘sacred game'[/box]

Roberts said the goal of the clinic is to have other members of the coaching staff and perhaps a referee and a doctor or a trainer talk about everything that goes into playing football.

“Moms feel left out. They don’t feel like their husbands and sons explain to them everything there is,” Roberts said. “It gives them a chance to ask questions and not do it in front of their husbands.”

Roberts has given similar clinics at other schools where he has coached and said the idea came from his wife, Tricia.

“The person that keeps reminding me to keep doing it is my wife,” Roberts said. “We had a great time last year and had a lot of fun. I think everybody enjoyed looking at the game through different eyes.”

After a successful 2012 season playing the school’s first year of 11-man football, Roberts said the Flames football team has grown.

“I never thought we’d be up to 33 (players) this fast,” he said.

The number of players will allow the team to field a handful of junior varsity games as well, which will provide more players with more time on the field.

Anyone interested in the camp can show up to the school’s activity center on the campus, 3151 RR 1431 East, for coffee and dessert, or call Roberts ahead of time at (830) 798-1333. The clinic is $15 to attend and goes toward food, officials and the trainer.