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The Marble Falls dentists at Stanley Dental welcome new patients and their smiles! Drs. Johnny R. Stanley and Logan H. Stanley provide safe, comprehensive general dental services to every patient, whether you’re a regular or walking in for the first time.

Finding a good dentist is all about chemistry, say the experts. You want a good dentist, but you’ve got to like the person peering at your incisors to feel comfortable. So how do you know this is the one? Have a routine cleaning as a test, suggests Don’t commit to future appointments unless you feel comfortable in the office and with the dentist.

Marble Falls dentists have what you’re looking for has a few suggestions for how to choose dental services.

• You should ask for recommendations from people you know.

• Ask your family doctor of local pharmacist for a recommendation

• Ask your current dentist if you are moving.

• Contact your local or state dental society. In Texas, that’s the Texas Dental Association at

Other things to consider when finding a dentist is where the dentist is located. Is the office easy to get to from your home or work? You may also want to know what type of anesthesia a dentist is certified to administer. Stanley Dental in Marble Falls provides both oral and IV sedation.

Dental services are often covered by health insurance, so you want to know if the dentists you are considering are covered by your plan.

If you have a specific need, be sure to ask if the dentist you are considering provides that particular dental service. You may also want to know what arrangements each dentist has for providing emergency dental services after hours.

To inquire about how their dental services can meet your needs, call the Drs. Stanley at (830) 693-0748. They are located in La Ventana on 800 Esperanza Drive, Marble Falls. You can find more information at the Stanley Dental website at