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BURNET — Many of Burnet’s water customers soon will be relying on well water as severe drought continues to plague the Highland Lakes.City officials said the switch from surface water of Lake Buchanan to well water could occur around June 3.

City Manager David Vaughn said the wells currently are healthy enough to support the city’s needs, and the change to well water helps the city balance its resources.

“Right now, we want to maximize all our sources of water to have as little impact as possible,” Vaughn said.

Well water was used by the city from December 2011 to April of last year.

Currently the city has no mandatory water use restrictions, but has implemented voluntary Stage 1 restrictions.

Lake Buchanan is 41 percent full with 360,000 acre-feet of water, according to the Lower Colorado River Authority.

“We have enough well capacity to service 100 percent of demand in a normal year and 80 percent in a severe year,” Vaughn said. “We want to balance those resources.”

Vaughn said the city uses about 2 million gallons of water per day.

“Our usage for a year equals about two days of Austin’s use,” Vaughn said. “But we do everything we can to be responsible with our portion.”