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BURNET — Several golfers recently recorded holes-in-one at area courses.

Four occurred at Delaware Springs Municipal Course:

• David Webb at No. 13 using a a 7-iron from 160 yards away. Witnesses included Jim Roberts, Boyd Sharp and Buddy Coker;

• Frank Stone at No. 5 from 150 yards away using a 6-iron. Witnesses were Jerry Epperson, Bob Spangler and Richard Dunegan;

• Dr. Richard Schwab at No. 7 from 165 yards using a driver. Witnesses included Odell Buchhorn, Darrel Daniel and Marvin Russell;

• Jerry Haunschild at No. 5 from 148 yards using a 7-iron. Witnesses were Robert Kirby, Gregg Ryan and Heath Ryan.

Another was at Ram Rock Golf Course at Horseshoe Bay Resort:

• Robert Smith at No. 12 from 120 yards away using an 8-iron. Witnesses included Jay Rester, Kay Rester and Kathy Smith.