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If you’re looking for a place to do a backside 180 ollie or a frontside pop shuvit, you have three Highland Lakes skate parks from which to choose. One of the great things about skate parks and skateboarding is you don’t need a group, a team or even officials. You just need a board and place to skate.One of the most unique skate parks in Central Texas has to be the Falls Creek Skate Park at the corner of Main and Yett streets in Marble Falls. The 12,000-square-foot concrete-and-granite park has several features and elements such as the Noose, the Double-Dorito hip and the Bowless corner that you probably won’t find anyplace else.

Skaters also will find a grinding rail and other elements. And it’s not just a skate park, BMX bike riders can enjoy the facility, too.

A great thing about the Falls Creek Skate Park location is its between Johnson Park and Lakeside Park in Marble Falls, so skaters or their families can relax under the trees or take a dip in the lake.

Cottonwood Shores boasts a nice concrete park at 4121 Brockwood. Called p Squared, the park contains lots of elements, but it also has a bowl-style structure for perfecting your moves.

In Burnet, you’ll find a wooden structure-based skate park at Wallace Riddell Park at Texas 29 and Rhomberg Avenue. The park sits right next to a playscape, so if you have younger kids, they can hit the swings while you or your older kids mongo-foot and nosegrind.