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LOCALS LOVE US: Teacher Jessica Struchen makes impact at Highland Lakes Elementary


GRANITE SHOALS — Highland Lakes Elementary School teacher Jessica Struchen knows Marble Falls Independent School District. After all, she grew up in it before graduating from high school and heading off to college.Four years ago, she returned to teach kindergarten and, then, first grade on the Highland Lakes Elementary School. Students and parents have already noticed her impact, so much so, they named her the “Locals Love Us” Marble Falls-area Best School Teacher.

“It really made my day when I found out,” Struchen said. “It surprised me because there are so many great educators at Highland Lakes and in the Marble Falls (Independent School) District. I’m just so grateful to the parents and people who voted for me.”

Struchen started her education career four years ago at HLES as a kindergarten teacher. She taught kindergarten for three years before moving into the first-grade wing.

As a teacher, especially one in the earlier grades, Struchen gets bombarded with questions. But it’s something she finds endearing about the profession and the children.

“I asked a lot of questions when I was a student, so I totally understand where the kids are coming from,” Struchen said. “I love hearing their questions.”