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BURNET — Authorities charged an Indiana woman March 21 with operating a gambling place, gambling promotions and possession of gambling devices after a seizure of computer equipment at seven businesses referred to as Internet sweepstakes parlors in two counties.“We executed seven separate search warrants with multiple agencies … which resulted in the seizure of a lot of illegal gambling devices and evidence of illegal gambling as well as engaging in organized criminal activity,” District Attorney Sonny McAfee said. “Clearly, these are violations of the laws of the State of Texas.”

According to the report, two of the seven locations raided by several agencies in Burnet and Llano counties were in the city of Burnet.

Authorities seized computer equipment that same night at Burnet Charity Sweepstakes, located at the intersection of Texas 29 and U.S. 281 in the heart of the city, and Tropicana Games in the 1800 block of Texas 29 on the westside of town, authorities said.

During the Burnet operation, Jennifer Cumbee, 39, of Indiana was arrested and charged with a string of gambling-related offenses, according to Burnet Police Chief Paul Nelson.

In Marble Falls, Burnet County constables from Precincts 3 and 4 seized computer equipment from two locations: Marble Falls Charity Sweepstakes in the 200 block of U.S. 281 and Tropicana Games in the 1400 block of Mormon Mill Road.

“These were just your standard desktop computer with keyboard and mouse, and some of them were touch screen,” Marble Falls Police spokesman Glenn Hanson said. “Illegal gambling is just that: it’s illegal. They would make it appear that it’s innocent, but I think they’re taking money away from folks who can ill afford to go to the these places.”

Thirteen agencies, including the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, the Burnet County Special Operations Unit and the Texas Rangers, participated in the investigation.

Investigators say more raids are possible.

“They better beware,” Nelson said. ” We’ll be coming for the rest of them.”