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101FTTDSS13CoverThe cutie on the cover of the newest edition of 101 Fun Things to do in the Highland Lakes magazine won her grandmother a new iPod Nano with the snap of a picture. Distribution of the Spring/Summer 2013 edition begins today, featuring predictions of this year’s wildflower season and how little Evelyn Scott became a cover model!

You’ll find more than 101 fun things to do in the Highlands Lakes detailed in the magazine, but snap a picture tops the list (see item No. 1 on page 8). Although not listed in the magazine as a fun thing to do, sending your best action shots to magazine editor Suzanne Freeman should be on YOUR list. Email your favorites to and you never know — you might be next year’s cover winner!

Call of the wildflowers

When Sylvia Barker of San Antonio and Kingsland read about the 101 Fun Things Bluebonnet Cover Contest in The Picayune this winter, she immediately decided to enter. She submitted a photo taken by her daughter Kristy Barker Scott on Easter Sunday 2011 of Evelyn, who was 4 at the time. The Scotts were driving on Texas 29 between Burnet and Kingsland when they heard the call of the wildflowers.

“I have that picture on my counter, and, when I read about the contest, I called my daughter to send me the digital version,” Sylvia says. “I just knew it was going to win!” The Barkers live in San Antonio but own property in Kingsland, where they park their recreational vehicle for long stays. The Scotts live in Oklahoma City, where Evelyn’s dad works as a pediatrician.

No matter what time of year, the Highland Lakes serves as a beautiful backdrop for family photos. Whether you pose your subjects in front of Enchanted Rock to the west or the rolling plains of Oakalla to the east, you’ll find a variety of landscapes to explore through your viewfinder.

And in between those two areas, the lakes themselves offer their own backdrop of sparkling blue. Each community has its own iconic look and feel that can make every shot a unique memory of a beautiful place and time.

In this age of digital images, there’s no excuse not to snap, snap, snap away (or email your best to the magazine)!