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Hop on board the Vanishing Texas River Cruise, Lake Buchanan

vanishing texas river cruise, lake buchanan

The Vanishing Texas River Cruise on Lake Buchanan. PHOTO: Staff

Take a voyage back in time on the Vanishing Texas River Cruise on Lake Buchanan.
Although the drought has left the lake too low for the Vanishing Texas River Cruise to chart its regular course along the shoreline, the receding waters have opened up other opportunities.
In 1937, when Buchanan Dam blocked the waters of the Colorado River, the town of Old Bluffton became a historical footnote on the bottom of the manmade lake.
The continuing drought and the demands of downstream rice farmers for water from the lake have exposed the town and provided an opportunity to look back in time. While you can’t currently see the falls in this photo on a cruise, you can see a piece of history.
“You can see the foundation of the old hotel, the school yard, the gristmill, the graveyard — you can even see some of the tombstones,” says Captain Shawn Devaney, owner of the 30-year-old cruise operation. “We’ve even found wagon wheels out there. It’s a really interesting area.”
For more details, visit the Vanishing Texas River Cruise website at
You can also call toll-free (800) 474-8374 or (512) 756-6986.
The cruise office is located on the east shore of Lake Buchanan. To get there from Burnet, at the intersection of U.S. 281 and Texas 29, drive west on 29 for three miles to FM 2341. Turn right, which is north, and go 12 miles to Ed Low
Turn left about one-quarter mile, then go left on Waterway Lane for about a third of a mile past house with a tree in the driveway. Then go immediately left down the hill to the cruise parking area.