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BURNET — Pet owners are being warned of a distemper outbreak found in a number of Burnet area raccoons.

According to the Burnet Police Department, about 15 raccoons in the West Jackson and Hamilton Creek River Walk area have tested positive for the distemper virus, which affects dogs and cats but not humans.

The virus is contagious to other animals, and there is no treatment for it once contracted. Pets can be vaccinated against the virus, however.

Animals with distemper can be mistaken to have rabies. Symptoms of distemper in raccoons include an upper respiratory infection that becomes pneumonia. Advanced stages of distemper include the animal aimlessly wandering, according to officials.

Officials recommend people call Burnet Animal Control at (830) 798-3971 or the Burnet Police Department at (512) 756-6404 if they notice an animal acting strangely.