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Marble Falls police find $100,000 worth of drugs, $25,000 cash in local hotel room

MARBLE FALLS — A tip led Marble Falls investigators to a hotel room Dec. 15 where they found more than a few bath towels lying around the room.

“The room wasn’t occupied when the investigators searched it, but they found over 25 pounds in marijuana, $25,000 in cash and a rifle and a pistol,” said Marble Falls Police Capt. Glenn Hanson.

Officials said the marijuana has a value of more than $100,000.

Hanson said somebody tipped the police off to what they may find in the room at the La Quinta Inns & Suites, located in the 500 block of West FM 2147 in Marble Falls. The captain said based on the information, an investigator was able to obtain a search warrant for the room which officers served around 5 p.m.

At this point there have been no arrests.

“We’re trying to tie somebody to it,” Hanson said.

But due to the amount of cash and drugs, Marble Falls police may ask the Drug Enforcement Administration to assist.

“This obviously goes farther than the city limits of Marble Falls,” Hanson said. “We really don’t have the resources to handle something this big, especially since it goes well outside of Marble Falls.”

Despite how the investigation may go, Hanson said the Marble Falls officers are proud of just making the initial seizure of drugs, money and weapons.

“It’s a good feeling getting that much dope, cash and guns off the streets so they can’t hurt anybody,” he said.