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The only way to keep a resolution to get fit in the new year is consistency, says Patrick Bonner, manager of the Marble Falls Athletic Club.

“Consistency kills,” Bonner says. “You have to make one decision a day — it’s a hard decision, but you have to be consistent to make it work.”

The Highland Lakes area has plenty of fitness clubs to help you get started on your fitness regime, which should include a healthy diet and a variety of workout routines.

“Variety is the spice of life,” Bonner says. “Mix it up. Don’t do the same thing every day.”

Bonner suggests 30 minutes of aerobic exercise (swimming, cycling, running, dancing), mixed with 30 minutes of weight training (medicine balls, free weights, bands).

Treat your workout like your job and you’ll see results you can live with, he says.

“Just one hour a day, Monday through Friday, and within 30 days you’ll get to that feel-good point,” he says. “You’ll build a habit of consistency that will show you some great results over time.”

One last important point, Bonner says, is diet.

“I don’t mean go on a  diet,” he says. “I mean pay attention to what you eat: fruits, vegetables, lean meats. Again, it’s one decision at a time and staying consistent.”

The Marble Falls Athletic Club is only one of many fitness centers in the Highland Lakes. Here are a few more:

Marble Falls Athletic Club
2312 U.S. 281 North
Marble Falls
(830) 693-9393

Bayside Spa & Fitness Center
810 Horseshoe Bay Blvd.
Horseshoe Bay
(830) 598-9210

Galloway Hammond Recreation Center
1601 S. Water St (U.S. 281)
(512) 756-6180

Kingsland Health and Fitness Center
2132 RR 1431 West
(325) 388-0733

For a complete list, check out The Picayune Area-Wide Phone Book.