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MARBLE FALLS — The Marble Falls High School powerlifting team hosted a tri-team meet against Comanche and Burnet Jan. 26.

Marble Falls head coach Ricky Sparks said his lifters improved on the amount of weight they lifted.

PHOTO 1: Marble Falls High School junior lifter Travis Sparks finishes his squat during the powerlifting meet hosted by the Mustangs. Staff photos by Jennifer Fierro

PHOTO 2: Marble Falls’ Chace Fry wins the superheavy weight division of the powerlifting meet at Marble Falls High School.

PHOTO 3: Marble Falls High School senior Taylor Cauble waits for someone to yell “up” before he can begin to finish his squat.

PHOTO 4: Burnet High School’s Imelda Palacios represents the Lady Dawgs in the Marble Falls powerlifting meet.

RESULTS: Boys — 123 weight class – Dominic Garcia, Burnet, 1st; 132 – Richie Pina, Burnet, 1st; 148 – Cole Wilson, Marble Falls, 2nd, Tristan Martinez, Burnet, 3rd; 165 – Joel Camacho, Marble Falls, 1st, Brody Johnson, Burnet, 4th, Justin Torres, Marble Falls, 5th; Kevin Reed, Marble Falls, 1st, Cameron Chafin, Burnet, 3rd, Lance Armentrout, Burnet, 4th; 198 – Dakota Kitchens, Burnet, 1st, B.J. Walker, Burnet, 2nd, Cody Letterman, Burnet, 3rd, Logan Knight, Burnet, 4th, Christophe Saldivar, Burnet, 5th; 220 – Austin Esposito, Burnet, 1st, Taylor Cauble, Marble Falls, 2nd, Chandler Mabray, Marble Falls, 3rd, Zach McCleskey, Burnet, 4th; 242 – Zach Reid, Burnet, 1st; 275 – James Nesom, Burnet, 1st, Jacob Reed, Burnet, 2nd; Superheavy weight – Chace Fry, Marble Falls, 1st, Travis Sparks, Marble Falls, 2nd. Girls — 148 weight class – Kaycie Pittard, Marble Falls, 1st; 165 – Victoria Frishman, Marble Falls, 1st, Louroles Palacios, Burnet, 2nd; 181 – Imelda Palacios, Burnet, 1st.

UP NEXT: Marble Falls at Brady meet, 2307 U.S. 190, Feb. 9, TBA