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Sold-out crowd views Tea Party premiere of “Dream Killers” film

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the 4-9-10 newcast

POSTED 4-8-2010

MARBLE FALLS — A locally produced documentary portraying the harshness of past communist rule in Romania premiered before a sold-out audience at the Uptown Marble Theater Wednesday.

"It broke my heart," Horseshoe Bay resident Roseanne Davis said. "It was awesome. It was an eye-opener. It is going to make me research more."

The Highland Lakes Tea Party Coalition presented the film "Dream Killers" at the theater at 218 Main St.


PHOTO 1: Kingsland residents Julian and Elena Chitta relax before the premier of the film "Dream Killers" April 7 in Marble Falls in front of a sold-out crowd at the Uptown Marble Theater. Narrated by Elena Chitta, who lived in Communist Romania during the cold war, the film portrays the harshness of that country’s rule. Staff photos by Raymond V. Whelan

PHOTO 2: An acrylic and tint painting by Cottonwood Shores artist Terry Cantu was adopted for the "Dream Killers" film promotional poster

"It is an educational movie," said Craig Cosgray, the film’s producer who lives in Spicewood. "We believe it is a clarion call. We hope to educate folks and wake them up."

The nearly one-hour film was narrated largely by Elena Chitta, a Kingsland resident who lived in Romania under communist tyranny during the Cold War.

While growing up in her native land, she witnessed the communist system manipulate and disrupt education, health care, an independent media, labor rights, property rights and religious freedom, Chitta recalled.

Also, her father was imprisoned as a dissenter to communist rule, and her mother died of a heart attack after communist-run hospitals failed to give her proper care, Chitta said.

Along with her husband, Julian, Chitta is now an American citizen.

Many contemporary "progressives" in the United States support policies similar to what communist ideologues and officials espoused in Romania, Chitta said.

Chitta spoke before a standing ovation after the film.

"I am scared," Chitta said. "I have seen these so-called progressives before. They are a threat to your life, liberty and happiness. The promised land is changing. Please don’t let that happen."

The film project began after Tea Party Coalition local member Pat Dickey met Chitta during a "Tax Day" Tea Party on April 15 last year in Marble Falls, recalled Andrew "Drew" Crosby, president of the coalition.

It took about nine months to assemble the film with assistance from about 30 people living in the Highland Lakes, including Horseshoe Bay resident Mark Sommer, who directed the film, Crosby said.

"It is amazing what can happen when some motivated people get together," Crosby added.

About 650 local members are on the the coalition’s e-mail list, Crosby said.

The coalition plans to hold its second Tax Day Tea Party 5 p.m. April 15 at Lakeside Park, 305 Buena Vista.

"We believe in smaller government and lower taxes," Crosby said. "We are not in favor of the federal government taking over health care. We do not support Democratic or Republican candidates. We welcome anybody."