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MARBLE FALLS — After serving as chairman of the board for Faith Academy of Marble Falls since 1999, dentist Stuart Nunnally — one of the private school’s founders —  is stepping down. Nunnally was one of the original six board members when the university-model school opened its doors 10 years ago. The board has appointed Curt Johnson to replace Nunnally.

Nunnally said that even though he won’t be on the board, he will remain involved with the school.

“I’m as involved in Faith Academy as I was 12 years ago,” said Nunnally, who added it was just time for someone new.

Faith Administrator Mark Earwood praised Nunnally’s dedication and leadership.

“The school is not what it is without Stuart Nunnally’s leadership,” Earwood said. “Stuart steps down as chair, but he doesn’t step out.”

In 1998, two of the original board members visited Grace Preparatory Academy in Arlington and decided to bring the university model back to the Highland Lakes. The system mirrors a collegiate campus.

At Faith, students attend classes three times a week at the secondary level and two times a week at the elementary level. On the days away from school, the students conduct independent studies under the eyes of their parents.

The original board members include Nunnally and his wife Rebecca Nunnally, Caressa and Boyd Gray, and Howard and Linda Worthing.

Howard Worthing is still on the board.

Nunnally said when one of the original board members steps down, he or she is named a trustee of the school for life.

Though Johnson wasn’t around when Faith opened its doors 10 years ago with 80 students, he and his family have been a part of the campus for the last seven years. Johnson, who works in the technology industry, has two children who attend the preparatory academy — a freshman and  a senior.

The new chairman said he and his family were living in the Eanes Independent School District, which includes the highly rated Westlake High School, prior to moving to the area. The family made the decision to relocate to the area because of the students and families from Faith Academy they met when visiting during the summer.

“We were ‘wowed’ by the students and their parents,” he said. “In a lot of ways we moved out here because of Faith Academy.”

Earwood said Johnson’s selection fits well with the needs of the school.

“Part of our action steps is to put a major emphasis on our technology and science (curriculum),” he said. The administrator said Johnson’s background in those areas gives the school a good resource as it begins developing those two subjects.

Faith Academy currently has 210 students.